Follow these links for photos taken by other fine folks:

Check out this party scene with the All Stars late night jamming with musicians from Ghana and the Croatian locals, Pula Croatia, spring 2002

A GREAT collection of photos from the Brotherhood of Brass concert at the Lotus Festival, September 2002 Bloomington IN

Photos and concert review from Klezmer Welten, Germany, March 2003

Photos from our "Brotherhood of Brass" performance for Bayerische Rundfunk, Munich, March 2003

More photos and a concert reveiw of the same concert, March 2003

Even more photos from Munich, March 2003

A photoplay from the Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade Serbia, March 2003

Drummer Aaron Alexander's photo diary of our Serbia-Hungary-Latvia Tour, September 2003

Tuba player Mark Rubin's own photo diary of the same tour

A special Klezmer Brass All Stars show at Satalla, NYC NY, December 2003

At the Festival of Jewish Culture
, Chemnitz Germany, March 2004

The Gallery

Brotherhood Of Brass Tour of Europe March 2003
Photos by Trombonist Dave Harris

Frank and Merlin onstage in Freiburg Germany

Jamming with Boban Markovich Orkestar in Munich

Post show meal with Mark, Boban Markovich and Merlin.

Mark gets to the point while Merlin tries to ignore.

Frank discovers that an Orangina bottle makes a fine trumpet mute.

More jamming before the show in Munich

A very frisky Polar bear that dave and Mark met on a lovely Sunday stroll through the Zoo in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The AMAZING Sacha A., F helicon maestro with Boban Markovich Orkestar

A Band of Jews: Mostly Eastern European Tour
August 2001

Outside our pension in Tapolca Hungary, just north of Lake Balaton, where we first meet Boban!

At Schloss Elmau, Germany

In the studio, with Boban Marcovich Orkestrar, Budapest Hungary

Frank leads a tune

Merlin Shepard represents in the reed section

Mark Hamilton and Dave Harris

Gypsies and Jews United in Brass

Boban and Frank blow, Merlin caught in the blast!

Boban Marcovich and Merlin Shepard

On stage in Bratislava Slovakia

(Photos by Samo of the Pressberger Klemer Band)

Oh dear, they're singing....