Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-Stars AKA
Di Shikere Kapelye
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Reviews of the debut CD :

"Every player with this group has devoted a lifetime to klezmer. The repertoire is not merely the bulgars, doynes, freylekhs, and horas, but a rare rhythm known as "the Oriental," a reflection of the musical influence from Odessa and the Carpathians."
Barbara Flaska, PopMatters 

"The music is step lively, playing to a beat called " the Oriental," in which Licht has to play sideways, full on tempi for the entire gig. Bet he got tired. The others in the band take klezmer tunes, rework their harmonic structures, rearrange them, and come out stomping like a New Orleans brass band. The precision that these players exhibit is completely otherworldly. Though wasted, they are literally playing their asses off!"

"Given London's range, this could have been anything. Instead, it is something that I have missed for years, and now that it's here, I now realize how much I've missed it, and how grateful I am that it's back. It's village music. It's a klezmer brass band. And if, like me, you spend time enjoying gypsy brass bands, or even the US equivalent in bands such as Zlatne Uste, you'll begin to appreciate how wonderful it is to hear the klezmer equivalent. Yeah, think of this as Zlatne Uste playing klezmer."

"Tradition. Some musicians believe the way to authentically perform klezmer music is on vintage instruments using traditional arrangements that reflect the way the music was performed in the 19th century. Frank London does not believe in this sort of authenticity. He would rather create an imaginary music by fusing aspects of jazz, Gypsy brass band music and klezmer. The result is London's Klezmer Brass All-stars, a modern "Jewish-Oriental village brass band." The musicians include some of this country's best klezmer brass musicians." 

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Live Reviews:
    Munich, 11/00 (great live pics!)